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False Albacore - Delicious on the Grill

Yep, we said delicious! Really depends on how you prepare and cook this flavorful fish.  Now keep in mind that individual tastes do vary.  I have eaten fish all of my life and love the taste of fish as much as anyone and believe me, when stored correctly and prepared right, false albacore is delicious! The secret is all in how you prepare it.  This begins right after you catch one of these.  First bleed the fish in a bucket of water and get the fish into crushed ice as soon as possible. Then keep the fish chilled and drained until you can fillet it. The next secret to preparing this fish is when you fillet it. Be sure to cut out the darkest sections of meat, which tend to make the fish too strong to the taste. This is a basic for all fish that have much red blood content, and is something that I have done for years. This is especially important, if you plan on freezing your fish and cooking later. What most people don't realize is that bone and blood have a tendency to taint the flavor of fish. That's why so many people prefer to fillet their catch before cooking. Just makes it that much more delicious and it really makes a difference.

The false albacore, being a member of the tuna family is a red meat fish and grills up like a pork chop. The meat turns white as it cooks. So don't let all that red meat scare you off. Oh, by the way, if you're wondering why all the bonita photos, it's so you don't get the two species confused. A false albacore is not a bonita. Bonita are very tasty and most people prefer them. But, hey, don't toss that false albacore away.

Keep a couple for eating !

~ Cooking Instructions ~

Line the grilling surface with tin foil leaving a gap

so that the heat can get around and above the fish.


Spray the foil with a thin coating of cooking oil spray

and place the fillets, skin side down on the foil.


Lightly brush the fillets with melted butter and

 sprinkle with a light coating of lemon pepper seasoning.


(don't over season)


Close the lid of your grill and let the fish cook.

Check the fish at 5 minute intervals and recoat with butter

which keeps the fish from drying out and helps it cook better.

Don't turn - keep the fish skin side down.


Fish are done in about 10  to 15 minutes,

or when the edges start to blacken,

and the meat becomes white and flakey.


To serve, just slide the tin foil onto a serving platter and enjoy!